The web3-native loyalty platform to acquire and retain more users

Turn first-time customers into forever customers with our white-label loyalty platform designed to grow web3 sales and customer engagement.

Trusted by 50+ Web3 businesses


2x prizes

Earn +15% APY


2x prizes

Earn +15% APY


2x prizes

Earn +15% APY

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Incentivize recurring on-chain transactions with points and prizes.

Whether you want to encourage them to buy, stake, vote, or interact with your smart contract in any way, you can set up a loyalty program to boost your web3 sales and engagement while rewarding your loyal customers.

Buy Tokens

Sell Tokens

Swap Tokens

Hold Tokens


Mint NFT

Burn NFT

Hold NFT

Join Discord


Reward web3 users for sharing with friends.

When someone uses an on-chain affiliate link to buy from your smart contract, the referrer and the referee get rewarded with tokens or NFTs of your choice.

This way, you can incentivize your customers to spread the word about your web3 business and grow your customer base organically.


Fully Automated. White-Label. No code.

npayme extends your platform rather than adding another external tool to reward your users. Create your own loyalty program in minutes, without writing any code. Customize the look and feel of your program to match your brand identity and web3 vision.

And you don't have to worry about managing the rewards, because our platform automatically validates rewarded actions and distributes prizes to winners.

Build web3 brand loyalty and increase recurring on-chain transactions with points and rewards. Acquire and retain new web3 users and grow your revenue with referral marketing.

Built with security and easy-of-use in mind.

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How it works

Step 1: Customize the panel

Design a panel that is on brand and easy for your customers to use.

Step 2: Add actions & prizes

Add rewarded actions defining points and prizes users can redeem

Step 3: Install on your site

Or launch your campaigns with a branded page hosted on our server

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Fully Automated

On-chain and off-chain verification is fully automated, becuase we natively integrate Discord and Twitter APIs


Match your website style and brand customizing colors and adding your logo. No more external tools for web3 loyalty.


Build and manage your loyalty program with zero coding skills. No need to update your smart contract, nor talk with developers.

Web3 Prizes

We support a huge variety of prizes like Token Airdrop, NFT, ERC20 Tokens, APY Boosts and Free Swap, Discord Roles

Designed to Retain Users

The whole experience is focused on acquiring new users and retain them with a gamified approach that gradually unlock prizes

Best Web3 UX

Users fall in love with our intuitive user-experience. It's super easy to redeem prizes, invites friends and collect points.